Just in case there are those that are having some trouble with your color samples disappearing, or your want to do perspective drawings, or if you have anything that you want to do, without having to set things up each and every time you open Art Rage.
Here is where a templates comes in handy, I have made a file named "perspectives" and I have the rulers set where I want them. I also have another file named "Graphite Drawings" and I have all my color samples set up with all of the grades of pencils, as well as the Bristol 300 vellum - or a watercolor hot press 140lbs "style" papers.
Once I have everything set up (in those particular files) then I can open them up and just start designing.
If anyone is used to CorelDraw, PhotoShop, or any other software where they would have what is called "Workspaces" this is the same.

If anyone wants to see what I mean, I can include pics on my next post

-enjoy designing