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Thread: Will upgrade to AR3 when 64 bit and MultiThreaded

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    Thumbs up Will upgrade to AR3 when 64 bit and MultiThreaded

    AR2.5 is fun for sure. If and when AR3 supports 64 bit Windows and is Multi-threaded I will likely upgrade. I've got a quad core now and 8 cores are out now (in servers). Some quad cores have hyper threading.

    Once can spend "forever" becoming expert in every aspect of a project. Sometimes hiring an expert for a specific task can greatly speed up a project.

    Perhaps some outside expertise on multi-threading would allow the ArtRage engineering talent to focus their energies on the unique aspects of the program.

    I'm just thinking what approach would get me to spend my money quickest

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    Sweedie, it makes a huge difference when you are doing very large renders with multiple layers, using oversize brushes, juggling dozens of open stickers, or any of the other memory-intensive processes that ArtRagers are likely to try.

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    why faster & 64 bit

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweedie View Post
    Speed matters. But not for ArtRage. No.

    What do you think?
    For some people it won't matter. For many people, email and websurfing and an occasional document or spreadsheet we've had way more power than needed for years.

    For someone who would like to be able to render images at the highest resolution that their photoprinter could support, then a 64 bit app would be needed, and so would a multi-threaded app.

    There's already some features of ArtRage which can pretty heavily stress a PC, even when not at high resolution.

    For solely producing images to display on a web page, it is not needed.

    ArtRage is great, it is different. It is another approach which somewhat overlaps "photoshop" in some functionality, sometimes both apps are used as ArtRage's great support for psd. Keeping up with the horsepower of other apps in the same family is good for many reasons. A slick UI won't make up for work flow problems on multi layered large images. So many people use in so many different ways.

    Glad it's working for you, thanks for asking.

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