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Thread: Anyone checked out the new AR 2.6?

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    Anyone checked out the new AR 2.6?

    I know, everyone´s got ARSP 3.07 and aren´t about to look back. I´ve got it too. Still, when the new 2.6 was on offer today, I downloaded and installed it. I haven´t had much time to look at what has changed.

    The one new feature that should be welcome to many is that there are now 12 languages to choose from instead of four. Two styles of Spanish, Italian, two styles of Portuguese, Russian, and several others. Surely these will be available in the next update of 3.0x.

    Just thought I´d mention the arrival of the new 2.6.
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    You beat me to the announcement Because of the internal complexities of updating the old product we have been quietly rolling it out and testing before making a big announcement. The announcement will come today however!

    Additional languages are being worked on for Studio/Studio Pro and we have text for additional manuals but we're not quite going to hit the range we had for AR2 yet. However, we're working on a system to make it easier to translate the product so that we can add on to the list in the future.
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