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Thread: Color blending question

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    Color blending question

    I remember a while back when ArtRage 3 came out there was talk that the color blending was off a bit in some instances with the Cyan appearing heavily when it shouldn't have been. Is that still an issue, and if so, is it being worked on?


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    There have been improvements to the real colour blending, while it's still possible to see some cyan in some blends, and we are continuing to work on this for the future.

    This is only related to 'real colour blending' mode in Studio Pro which attempts to model the way that paint blends in the real world. Otherwise, ArtRage much like many other art packages, uses RGB blending.

    A demo of the latest version of Studio Pro can be downloaded from

    To enable real colour blending mode in ArtRage Studio Pro or the demo, click on the current selected colour at the bottom right corner of the colour picker and select 'Real Colour blending'
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