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Thread: Help with colouring a black and white drawing

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    Help with colouring a black and white drawing

    Okay I'm being dumb but...ops:

    I imported a black and white jpg into Artrage, I want to colour on layers underneath it, but keep its black lines, how do I make the white go transparent??
    According to the manual I can just select " transparent paper" but I don't see that as a paper option. I've tried converting my line drawing layer to Cell, but the white remains.

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    Isnt the transparent paper option called cel? Cant you turn down the opacity on that layer? Not sure if this helps.
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    Thanks Jules but I tried that all it does is grey out the black line... :x :evil:
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    first of it really important that the color layer is beneath the bw image? if not, use the technique of sweedie:

    you must make the white in the jpg transparent with another programm like Photoshop or gimp... and save it as a png. then you can load it as a tracing image and change it to a paint layer...

    i would prefer the first method for my chase..


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    cool I'll try that
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    Works like a charm

    Muchos Gracias
    All your wowwipops are belong to us

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