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    My First Illustration

    Okay, here goes! This is the first page of my first illustration for someone other than myself-so I am trying so hard to make it the best that I can. This is for a story of a beautiful little boy of a family of one of our dear members-Mr. Robert Wade. I am so thrilled that they have considered me.
    I wish to enhance and improve this page. I have my sketches complete in my sketchbook, but it is much different when I go to do it on my computer.

    Keep in mind, this is not finished-I just wanted to post it as is for you all to see and advise.
    I am aware of the line and the boo-boo's-I will be making new layers and adding a lot of enhancements soon.

    You are welcome to PM me if you wish also.

    Many thanks forum mates.
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