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Thread: Help on outline

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    Help on outline

    I wanted to know how do you keep an outline of a pencil drawing you scanned but have a transparent background?
    Plz help!

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    If you have imported an image which doesn't have a transparent background, ArtRage will see it as a single 'block' of paint.

    If you're using ArtRage Studio Pro, you could use the Magic Wand selection tool, click on the pencil, then copy that to a fresh layer, to give yourself a transparent layer with the pencil lines only. You may need to adjust the selection tool settings a little if you find that too much around the lines is picked up, or two little.

    Otherwise, if your scanned pencil drawing is a pure white background with pencil on it, you could open the image as a stencil, then ink, draw or paint over the stencil to place the lines on a layer.
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    If the image was drawn on white paper, it may also be possible to import the image as a stencil and use that to create the black lines over a transparent background.

    Depending on just what you are planning to do though, I might suggest a different tactic. For example, if you simply want to color in something like a pencil or ink sketch, you could import the image in and then change the Blend Mode for that layer to Multiply. This would make the white areas of the image transparent and the darker lines visible, allowing you color under the lines by using lower layers. You can read more about that here:
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    You could make use of of the free open source program Inkscape (google)

    Make rough sketch, and load into Inkscape. Trace outline of Sketch with say Bezier (pen) tool , delete rough sketch, then Select ALL and go > Path > Objects to Path > Click and Export the new Image as a Bitmap.

    This will then Import into Artrage with a transparency like in this cropped screen shot version.
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