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Thread: Theft of artworks

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    Theft of artworks

    Probably all already know what happened. But I'm posting here, anyway.

    The five paintings by the great masters of painting stolen before dawn on Thursday of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris have a total value of EUR 100 million (U.S. $ 123 million), according to the mayor of Paris, not 500 million euros as indicated hours before judicial sources.

    Among the five works stolen this morning is "Le Pigeon aux petits as" Pablo Picasso, and "Pastoral" by Henri Matisse. The thief also took L'Olivier près de l'Estaque ("The Olive Tree near Estaque), Georges Braque, La Femme à l'eventail (" The Woman with a Fan "), Modigliani and Nature morte aux chandeliers ( "Still Life with chandeliers), Fernand Léger.

    The theft was found shortly before 7 am local time (2am GMT), before the opening of the museum in western Paris.

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    from upper left:

    La Femme à l’éventail by Modigliani
    L’Olivier près de l’Estaque, by Georges Braque
    La Pastorale by Henri Matisse
    Le Pigeon aux Petits Pois by Pablo Picasso
    Nature Morte au Chandelier by Fernand Léger


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