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Thread: Tutorial List Update

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    Tutorial List Update

    Hi everyone ,

    Just letting you know that i've created a new category in the tutorials list 'Artrage + 3rd Party Software tutorials' which will hold tutorials demonstrating how you use artrage in conjunction with 3rd party software and plugins.

    I've created this category mainly so that pure Artrage tutorials can be found easily and for those that like to mix and match their softwares so that they too can find relevant tutorials easily.

    If anyone has a tutorial for Artrage Studio or Artrage Studio Pro that they feel has been overlooked and not added to the list, just send me a PM.
    Also for those that create video tutorials, plz PM me with a link to any you feel should be added to the list here

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    Thanks for doing that Juz. I find it very helpful especially in my condition now. it's easier to search what i want to look for quickly.

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