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Thread: Embedding Copyright information - IPTC

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    Embedding Copyright information - IPTC

    I have just purchased AR3 Studio Pro and have been totally knocked out by its approach, user-friendliness and functionality: I use it for aniamtion backgrounds. I was impressed enough by the trial product that I bought a legal version online, rather than cheating with a $1.50 version from the local market. So yes, I like AR3 a lot.

    One question: I sell my work online, and it is desirable to mark you work as yours - people will still rip it, but at least you have jumped through the key legal loops if it comes to taking action. So is there a way of embedding a copyright not which will show up as IPTC information?

    If this feature is missing, can it be added to the future request list.


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    Hi Rhoel, welcome to the forums. Thank you for supporting ArtRage, we appreciate it! Great to hear that you're enjoying using it so far.

    Currently there's no way to do this directly, but you can export standard image formats from ArtRage ( png, bmp, tif etc ) so you could do this and add your data via another product if you've previously been using one to acheive this. If you have a Photoshop plugin which can do this, that you may be able to use this in ArtRage Studio Pro to do the same.

    Thanks for the suggestion, we'll make a note of this for future consideration.
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