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Thread: Corrupted file?

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    Corrupted file?

    Ive had this problem for a while, 2 months or more, I just have moved on with other paintings and counted this as a loss but it still baffles me.

    One day while painting artrage crashed, memory related likely (due to the huge file size I work with) if I remember right I was saving when it happened. Well, I opened up my file and it was blank, no layers, no paint, it was all gone.

    Well some days later I selected the file in windows explorer and there to the right a preview of my lost painting appeared, so if its there is there a way to get it back? Using windows 7 if your not familiar with that option while exploring pictures and such.

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    If the preview is intact we can probably extract it, but the actual paint layers may not be valid. If the image isn't too large (say under 10mb) you can email it to and we'll take a look to see what we can see. If it's larger than that, email us and let us know and we can arrange a drop off for the file.
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