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Thread: Images and Galleries

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    Images and Galleries

    I have been looking for the Pictures and Albums in my user CP but it's not there.
    So I am I right in guessing that we don't have our own Galleries where we can add and delete our work?
    Not too sure of my first work I have posted in Gallery and it was supposed to be a smaller one that I had saved in a jpeg format.
    I have looked everywhere to see how to change it or delete it.

    Is there a way to do this please for future reference also.

    Thank you


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    There are two places where you can upload your work here. One is the User Gallery and the other is by attachment in the forums.

    If you've uploaded the image to the Gallery, then you'll want to click on the Gallery link at top of the forums (this is not to be confused with the Gallery forum area), then select My Stuff and then My Images to get to your images. Click on the image you want to delete or edit. On the page that opens, you'll find the Image Tools menu. Click on it and select whichever option you'd like to continue on with.

    If you've uploaded the image as an attachment to one of the forum areas, click on the User CP link at the top of the forums page. At the bottom of the User CP page, under the Miscellaneous group, you'll find the Attachments link. Click on the Attachments link to see all of the attachments (images, presets, etc) that you have attached to various posts at the forums. Locate the attachment you wish to delete and check mark the box in the far right column. Then click on the Delete Selected button at the very bottom of the page (under that same column).
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