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Thread: Can I go back to a previous version?

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    Can I go back to a previous version?

    I was in the middle of a painting when I decided to download the new update. Now it doesn't seem to work. I try to paint and nothing happens. Can I revert to the previous version?

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    We don't have previous versions available for download via the Member Area - these versions will not have the features and improvements of the latest versions.

    As others are able to paint with the latest version, it's unlikely that the version itself is the cause of the problem. What I'd recommend doing is letting us know the details of the problem so that we can help.

    Please let us know:

    1/ What operating system are you using
    2/ What version of ArtRage are you using? e.g. ArtRage Studio 3.0.7
    3/ Does the same problem occur with a new document?
    4/ What input device are you using? e.g mouse or if a tablet, the make and model of the tablet
    5/ What exactly is the problem? Are you able to select tools, then paint on the canvas and you don't see any paint but everything else appears to work ok or something else? Let us know as many details as possible.

    Settings problems:

    Reset ArtRage to default settings to eliminate the possibility of a damaged settings file / bad settings etc.

    -If you are using ArtRage 2.x, hold down the spacebar as the application launches to set it to default ( you will know this has worked if it attempts to check for updates ), then see if the problem still occurs

    -If you are using ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro, you can reset to default settings via Edit -> ArtRage Preferences -> Click the menu button at the top right and choose 'reset preferences to default', then click OK

    Let us know when you can, looking forward to solving this for you!
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