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    Is it possible to convert a tracing image into a layer?

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    Make a new layer, then find the "Convert Tracing Image to Paint" item. I forget if it's in the individual layer's popup menu or the tracing options popup menu.

    Unfortunately, the control is limited. Paint is not just pixels, and so it has to choose a default amount of paint, which some people have said is too thick. Thanks to the issues with paint and lighting, the apparent colors may not match 100%. If I recall, transparency is lost, so you can't use transparent PNGs as tracing paper and import them that way.
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    See this message about importing multiple images:

    You can load tracing images with transparency and convert them to paint.

    Note that if the imported tracing image has no transparency, the image will be converted to thick deep paint. If you have any transparency in the tracing image, the result will be thin ink.
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