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Thread: Canon Pixima Pro 9000 Printer

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    Canon Pixima Pro 9000 Printer

    I've been largely absent from the forum in the last couple weeks as I have been setting up some new equipment.

    The new printer I picked up has floored me in its ability to print my digital paintings done in ArtRage. The Canon Pixima Pro 9000 uses a set of eight different colors and produces a MUCH wider range of colors than my previous HP Four color inkjet. I am truly amazed at how close the prints are to what I'm seeing on screen.

    Here is a comparison of the original AR digital and a SCAN (on a cheap scanner) of the Canon print. The print actually falls in between the two in color reproduction -- the scanning process has knocked out some color.

    Down side is the matching amazing expense of a package of the 8 cartridges -- about $125.00! Never-the-less, I would recommend this to anyone.

    Sorry if this comes off as a commercial, but I know many questions have been asked about getting printed output. Prints on glossy photopaper really jump, but I've also gotten fine results on some heavyweight cold-pressed watercolor paper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alkratzer View Post
    Down side is the matching amazing expense of a package of the 8 cartridges -- about $125.00! Never-the-less, I would recommend this to anyone.

    prints.. on glossy photo paper really jump, ...

    Thanks for posting this. The printer looks like a good buy at $500. I had previously thought that I would have to pend $100-1500 to get this level of quality.

    The ink isn't really that expensive. First, you can easily pay $100 for laser toner and that's not even colour! :-) Second, what do each of the eight cartridges cost separately to buy? If you didn't use , for example, much red, then you might only have to buy that cartridge occasionally.

    Finally, what did you mean that the prints on glossy papper JUMP ? What exactly do you mean. Are you using 'jump' like some artists say that a painting 'pops'?



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    Al, I have had a Pixima 6600D for a couple of years and love it, the colours come out wonderful . I also have a Canon scanner and it also is true to the colour in my paintings or photos and I have used it on two different HPs, one running XP and one Vista (hated that machine so much I got a new Acer running W7 and love it ) and the printer and scanner ran as well on all of them
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