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Thread: File size question

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    File size question

    When I first got Artrage, I didn't know anything about file sizes (or art actually). I really like some paintings I did but the files are only 3.41 x 2.56.

    Is there any way to upsize something so small and still maintain the "integrity" of the image?

    I was wondering whether using one as a tracing image would be a decent workaround and just hope I can come close to recreating?


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    Hi Annie,

    Unfortunately when you have a small image and want to increase its size significantly in ArtRage, there's only so much data to go around due to the original size, so you will see a loss of quality as you scale it up.

    If the quality is lacking after using 'resize your painting' in the edit menu, you certainly could export it as a separate image file then use that as a tracing image basis for painting a much larger image.
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