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Thread: Show Tools Palette

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    Show Tools Palette

    Newbie Question,
    When I went into Artrage for the first time I accidentally closed my Tools
    palette and I can't get it to show up again.

    Does anybody know how I can get it back?



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    Hi Darren!

    This might help.

    Artrage 2.5:

    If you retracted the tool palette in the bottom left corner ( the arc where you can click on the tool icons ) you should see a small green handle in that corner. Click it once to open the tool panel again. Alternatively, press the TAB key twice to retract then extend all your panels.

    ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro

    When the tool panel has been closed you should see a button in the bottom left corner with a tool image in it. Clicking that should show your tool panel again. Alternatively, go to the View menu at the top and click on 'Tool Picker' to show it again or use TAB as in ArtRage 2.5

    If this doesn't help, let us know what version of ArtRage you're using and what operating system you're using, as well as what you can see at the bottom left corner of your ArtRage window, and we should be able to assist from there.
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    Tools Palette

    Hi Dave,
    I'm on 2.5 and the Tab key did the trick.

    Thank you very much!


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