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    Newbies suggestions

    Seems a bit rude to be starting my ArtRage forum presence with suggestions, considering I haven't produced anything in AR to show yet, but coming from traditional graphics apps rather than natural art, there are a couple of features I feel AR needs to speed use.

    Firstly, 'rub-through' or paint-on masking. Unless I'm missing something, I can't see any way to paint the alpha channel directly, which means I can't photo-composite at all easily. At the moment I need to draw stuff in AR, save it out and import into PS to layer and composite with photos. Would be very nice if AR added a 'paint to transparency' to allow the tools to work directly on the transparency layer.

    Secondly stencils are pretty awesome, but they would benefit immensely from a couple of tweakable parameters for brightness and contrast/gamma. This would allow photos to be imported directly and applied, adjusted as needed to isolate particular intensities. If you wanted to go to the extreme of usefulness, have a transformation curve where you can draw how you want the stencil intensity to relate to alpha. eg. Import a photo of moss that provides a greyscale base. Lay down some rmossy colour. Then set the transformation curve to full transparency at 0 intensity, fully opaque at 25% and paint in some shadows. Finally set the transformation curve to the high end, increasing alpha from 0 to 100% in the last quarter of the stencil photo's brightness, and paint in highlights. With a curve you could even isloate particular midranges. Perhaps the interface would be best with a stencil window showing a thumbnail preview of the stencil in greyscale and a user drawable curve underneath? I'll attach a mockup to better illustrate.

    Hope this makes sense!
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