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Thread: HELP! No texture on brushes?! WHYYY!

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    Unhappy HELP! No texture on brushes?! WHYYY!

    Hey guys!
    I am completely stumped.

    I just got Artrage 2.5 and I have been looking all over the net to figure out why my paint brush produces no texture! I've set my Pressure to 50, Thinners to 25, and Loading to 40. But still, every stroke looks so flat... it looks like watercolor to me... any idea what I'm doing wrong?! Even the paint tube squeezes out flat!

    How do I get that nice thick clumpy look that oil paint has? Any tips would be greatly apprecated! Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Samonella
    Turn your brush loading (how much paint is on a brush) up eg. 90%+
    Turn your thinners (how much the paint is thinned) down eg. 15% or lower
    Hope this helps
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    Try hitting the F5 key on your keyboard once and then try the Oil brush, Paint Tube and Glitter. You may have accidentally hit it before and turned the light rendering off.
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    thanks so much for your replies!
    so i figured it out, and i hope this will help others that run into this problem.
    so I drew those cat linearts in photoshop and imported them into ArtRage when I started.
    to make the layer transparent, i set the blend mode to multiply, and started to paint on another layer below. apparently, when you set a top layer to multiply, all the texture underneath is lost. and that's that! from now on, when i fire up a new artrage file, i will make a new layer before importing my lineart because the first artrage layer is always opaque. hope this will help for anyone else that stumbles upon this problem!
    thanks again and happy painting!

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