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Thread: Maximised Window Bug?? ...

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    Maximised Window Bug?? ...

    Just a quick technical tip here for Windows:

    I am currently running AR Studio Pro 3.0.6 on XP64 sp2 and I find that if I click on the quick launch shortcut that was created during installation, everything seems to shift over to the left (including the splash screen). You may also find that floating panels appear in the top left hand corner, even if you try and move them.

    I then tried to run the AR3 from the programs menu and it was fine !!

    I then went to the programs menu and ctrl copy AR Studio from there to the quick launch and it then worked fine.

    I then compared the two icons and the only difference was that the successful icon ran AR3 Normal Window and the icon that seem to shift everything to the left of screen ran Maximised Window. I tested this by changing Maximised to Normal and it worked perfectly.


    Windows XP64 SP2
    Quadro FX 4400 running latest drivers

    Hope this helps,


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    In order to start ArtRage in a normal or maximised window, be sure to use the preference in the application itself rather than setting it for the launch icon, as the app doesn't use the normal OS methods for doing this. Thanks for letting us know though!
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