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    Hi guys! I have a quick question and concern. I have a couple of students who have experienced the issue below. Has this been a problem and is there a thread that addresses it? Thanks so much


    "I downloaded a free trial the other day and had a problem..

    i was trying to paint on one of my photographs and decide to close it . I was met with 'did I want to save changes' yes or no. I chose no.

    it deleted my photograph from the computer and left me with a blank canvas in its place.
    I don't know if this is a glitch or if the photo is somewhere else. It isn't where it was in any case. the blank canvas has a blank layer, but no image.
    Has anyone had this happen?"

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    When you import an image a new ArtRage painting is created as if New had been selected, that painting needs to be saved if they want to load it again. ArtRage won't edit the file they imported directly, because flat image files don't contain enough data to preserve the painting properly.

    So, to paint on a photo and work with it: Import the photo. Paint on it. Select Save and set a file name (a PTG file) then you can reload it later.

    To overwrite the original photo with a copy of the contents of the painting, select Export Image and export it over the top of the original.
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