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Thread: Tracing Image Orientation

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    Tracing Image Orientation


    First post here so sorry if it has been asked before. I am trying to create a painting using an image for tracing. The image is in the portrait format but when set as a tracing image in artrage studio 3 it appears in the landscape mode whatever i do i just dont seem to be able to rotate it. Any ideas?

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    When you import a tracing image ArtRage should orient it so that its top points towards the top of the canvas. If you have created a canvas in landscape mode then rotated it manually to give it a taller aspect, the 'top' of the canvas is still the edge that was at the top when it was created, rotating the canvas manually doesn't change that. If this is what has happened, create the canvas using a portrait aspect instead, so it's taller than it is wider.

    You can tell where the top of the canvas is by opening the Canvas Mover and clicking the large arrow at the top of it, that resets rotation to 0 degrees and whatever is at the top of the screen is the top of your canvas.

    If your canvas was created taller than it is wide then the image should be imported correctly. If it was created that way could you import the tracing image, save the painting file, and email it to for us to take a look at? Thanks!
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