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Thread: PC Bit the Dust

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    PC Bit the Dust

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop in and say hello. My laptop finally bit the dust and I haven't decided whether to fix it or hold out for a new one. I'm suffering from some extreme painting withdraw so hopefully I will be up and running again soon.

    On top of having no laptop I'm coaching two baseball teams and chairing a committee in charge of moving my son's school to a new building. All this is squeezed in around my full time job.

    I still try to check in here and there to get my art fix. Hopefully the dust will settle soon and I'll be back at it.

    Talk to everyone soon!
    Be well
    "The significance is hiding in the insignificant. Appreciate everything."
    — Eckhart Tolle

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    Hi Sketch, good to see you around again but sorry to hear of the problems with PC, good luck with your laptop and look forward to seeing your paintings again
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    Missed you Eddie! Hope that you are able to repair or replace your pc soon and that you are back with us in no time. Good luck and lots of fun to you also in your coaching.

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    Great to see you Sketch... with that huge load on your plate maybe your labtop thought it was doing you a favor.
    Hopefully you'll have a working one soon and be back with us
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