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Thread: So far so good...a testimonial

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    So far so good...a testimonial

    I have been searching for this program before I even knew what it was...seriously I was looking for a comparable program to PainterX which cost more money than I wanted to invest. I love what I have found in ArtRage.

    My hobby is photography and I have been looking for something to make those images look like real paintings and I have found it. I will definitely be upgrading to the full version. I will be posting some of my work in the gallery so you ladies and gents can critique it. Thanks for this wonderful program.

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    Welcome to the forums, thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to seeing some of your work and hope you enjoy your time here
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    Thanks for the welcome. I hope to post some things as soon as my count gets high enough that I can post links. I love ArtRage, I have spent the last two Saturdays creating. You guys are awesome.

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    You can post directly here without worrying about post counts. The posting of links is just to discourage outsiders posting spam links. Simply scroll down and click on "Manage Attachments". Welcome to here; have fun.

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