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Thread: Congratulate me!

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    Congratulate me!

    Yeah congratulate me because I bought ArtRage Studio Pro! Now I have both Corel Painter X and ArtRage Studio Pro 3. I was going to begin my painting in Corel Painter but what worries me is the program can crash on you for no reason. It already happened to me once and I didn't save my work. I've read numerous other complaints on Painter closing down whenever it feels like it.

    And for some reason the Painter community and forums are really dismal. Slow traffic places where not many people hang out. This community and forum appears to be much stronger. Who knows. Maybe the day is coming when ArtRage will supersede Painter.

    I sincerely hope that the developers continue to develop ArtRage because I love working with thick, juicy oil paint.

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    Red face

    I think you will find that Painter and ArtRage are a nice combination. I enjoy them both very much. I think although this is an AR forum there are many of us who use Painter and love it as well. ( Love /Hate) I think is the better term.

    If you have not found Painter Talk Forum, then you may want to visit, very active, friendly and supportive.

    I am fairly new to this forum but find it so helpful and friendly.

    Warmest wishes,

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