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    Mixed Hyacinths

    This one is for MaryAnn. And a big thanks for the photo, though I didn't do it justice.
    I love to paint old tins, so I used metal surface and oils for this one.

    1 a bulbous plant of the lily family, with straplike leaves and a compact spike of bell-shaped fragrant flowers. Native to western Asia, hyacinths are cultivated outdoors and as houseplants.
    • Genus Hyacinthus, family Liliaceae: several species, in particular H. orientalis, from which the common large-flowered cultivars are derived.
    • a light purplish-blue color typical of some hyacinth flowers.
    2 another term for jacinth .

    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(denoting a gem): from French hyacinthe, via Latin from Greek huakinthos, denoting any of various plants identified with the flower in the myth of Hyacinthus , and a gem (perhaps the sapphire). The current sense dates from the late 16th cent.
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