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Thread: playback of drawing in progress

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    Question playback of drawing in progress

    The demo paintings on the Deluxe CD where fun to watch. Is there some way to have Artrage replay the process of making a drawing?

    Is there a limit to the undo & redo?

    I'm curious as to how the demos where made and also what might be possible with the program with its undo history.

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    ArtRage doesn't have a replay process. The videos you saw were probably made with a video capture software like Camtasia Studio or CamStudio and were recorded in real time as the person worked. ArtRage has an unlimited amount of undo and redo, but it wouldn't really make for a good video to record that process, because you'd likely see the "Working" progress bar appear quit often.

    I use CamStudio to record my screen action. It's a free, open source program that allows for full screen capture or region capturing (which can be set to automatically follow the mouse position or be manually dragged by the user). It also has a feature that lets users determine how often the screen is captured (so it can be set to do time lapse or real time recording) and can also record sound from a microphone. Here's a couple of videos I made using it (click the 480/720 button if offered for better quality from YouTube):

    Tutorial on Photoshop brush importing for the ArtRage Sticker Spray tool: LINK

    Time lapse video of the "you eated my cookie" cat: LINK
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