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Thread: Transparency + Canvas Lighting

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    Transparency + Canvas Lighting


    I just bought ArtRage Studio Pro 3 today - and I'm already hooked !

    Question: I want to create an image with transparent areas. This can be done easily by setting the canvas opacity to 0. But when I do that, I lose the canvas lighting effect.

    How can I have both, Transparent regions + Canvas Lighting? I need this at least for the final exported ".png" image.


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    Here's how I do it:

    1. Merge all layers.
    2. Leave the lighting on so you can see the canvas texture and click on the layer tab of the merged layer (see attached image following these steps).
    3. Select "Export Layer" from the layer menu and save the image as whatever file type you'd like.

    The exported file should be transparent wherever there wasn't paint on the canvas and the painted areas should retain the texture it had from the canvas beneath it.

    Name:  textexport.jpg
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    Here's the resulting PNG test (note that the transparent area around the paint is flat):

    Name:  stencil.png
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    Thanks for your fast reply! I just tried it:

    • Created a new image (pillowed texture), used a little bit of airbrush.
    • "Merge all layers" is grayed out - because I only have one layer.
    • Used "Export Layer" from the layer menu, saved as .png

    The transparency works, but the lighting effect isn't there...

    Name:  Screen shot 2010-04-20 at 23.29.28.png
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    Name:  Untitled.png
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    I experimented a little bit more: When using the Oil Brush instead of the Airbrush, my exported painting does retain some structure - but it looks quite different compared to what I see in ArtRage (in this case, the structure even looks stronger). It's the same as if I set the canvas transparency to 0.

    Name:  Screen shot 2010-04-20 at 23.55.50.png
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    Name:  Untitled2.png
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    Probably I should expect this, because the colored areas are simply half-transparent, and when the canvas is removed, it looks different.

    But is there still a way to achieve my desired result?
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    Does all the colour become slightly darker when exporting? I can defintely see that the canvas texture is stronger in the PNG image but I'm wondering if it's a gamma shift causing it, in which case all colours might change slightly on export.
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    There's also some color shift (maybe due to color profiles on my Mac? I may have to find a solution for that, too.)

    But that alone isn't responsible for all of it. The exported image looks very similar to what I get when I reduce the canvas opacity to 0.

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