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Thread: Duplicated Watercolor layer "dries" <workaround?

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    Duplicated Watercolor layer "dries" <workaround?

    when I create a layer of entirely watercolor strokes, then duplicate that layer, the duplicate layer is darker, and has lost its watercolor behavior in terms of smearing with the Wet palette knife, or being able to blend with more watercolor paint.

    is this just how it is, or is there a way to duplicate a watercolor layer and have it retain all of its water color properties?



    EDIT: I seem to be mistaken about that..working on a duplicate layer right now and it all seems to behave watercolorly...maybe the previous instance was a fluke?
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    Like adding water to true watercolors, adding more "Thinner" to the watercolor tool dilutes the color laid down. When one duplicates a layer that contains watercolor strokes, the areas that were diluted will appear to become darker, because the color of the new layer is being applied over top of the original layer beneath it, making those areas more color dense. The effect may be even further intensified if a user applies one of the layer blend modes.

    So if you had duplicated the layer, and not hidden the layer beneath, it could be the reason the colors appeared to darken. It may also explain why it seemed as though the colors had dried, because even if you blended the colors on the top layer, the colors on the layer beneath it would remain intact and show through, giving the appearance that no interaction was being made.
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    You could set the layer to to the watercolor blend mode, maybe. I am not sure myself.

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