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    Every time ...

    .. I click on the Refs, I got a new open window but I can dismiss one but just one, all other windows still stay even if I click cancel. I can't dismiss all (3) so I can't choose a reference.

    Actually I had the problem because I'm using two monitors so I don't see the first window open so I click several times.
    So the prog is freezed, I have to kill it...

    You should not open a new window if the first is not dismissed.

    Really, you should make a monkey test with your prog before releasing it. Click everywhere rapidly without any mean. You 'd be surprise of the number of bugs you 'll find.

    Actually I cannot reproduce after relaunch, another easy bug to seek ...
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    When you click the references button, the Open File dialog that is spawned should disable everything in the application. Clicking the references button again here is just triggering a system beep indicating that the application is inactive due to the modal window being up.

    If you can reproduce the problem please let us know the details and we can look in to it.
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