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Thread: Undo Bug in Studio?

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    Undo Bug in Studio?

    I've gotten this a couple times: if I have to hit undo multiple times, my painting gets borked...the layer I'm working on will show thru the underlayers in a stair-stepped pattern that looks like some kind of mask gone wild.

    Anyone else?

    Again, I can supply a file to the developers...same file as in my "cross wired layers" post, also of today..


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    If you've got a file less than 10mb or so, send it to and I'll take a look at it. Could you also note in the email the kind of process you had been going through? For problems like this it helps to know what sort of operations have been done and undone in the painting.

    Could you also let us know if you get this with all paintings, or just the one?

    Hopefully we can track it down for you.
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