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Thread: Cross-wired layers?

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    Cross-wired layers?

    I've been noticing wierd layer issues in studio 3.06. the issue basically is that AR appears to "forget" which paintstrokes belong on which layer.

    yesterday, I was erasing paint on one layer, and another layer displayed a square containing paint from the layer I was trying to erase!

    While I didn't save that file, I did save another one from today: a bit of paint from an underneath layer is showing on a layer on top which ought to be blocking what's underneath.

    I tested this by hiding/showing layers to see if there was a "hole" in the paint on the top layer. there isn't.

    all may layers are normal, 100% opacity, etc. I'd be happy to forward a copy of the file to any of the developers here. just let me know where to send it to.

    I'm on a Mac Pro. Snow Leopard, 10.6.3


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    I've replied to the other thread here:
    ArtRage UI
    Ambient Design.

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