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Thread: Hide the taskbar

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    Hide the taskbar

    I know this might be an unusual request, but is it possible to have ArtRage expand over the taskbar?

    I have Windows 7 with the new taskbar, and when using my tablet with ArtRage I find that I often accidentally launch applications as I'm brushing because I've touched too low on the screen.

    It seems appropriate, with ArtRage, to have the full screen to work with.

    I intentionally do not set the taskbar to auto-hide--that would be even more annoying. I may move my taskbar to the left or right temporarily whilst using ArtRage as workaround.

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    We may be adding this back to a future release. We removed it for the initial Studio/Pro launch after having in ArtRage 2 due to some unusual behaviour we need to track down relating to when the app starts.
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    That's great to hear. I hope your able to sort out the issue.

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