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Thread: Importing pix to the Gallery

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    Importing pix to the Gallery

    How dey do dat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolter View Post
    How does one do that? (I only changed this here, because the ArtRage forums have a lot of members who do not speak English as a first language and may not fully understand the shorthand/slang you were using. Please don't take the edit negatively).

    You haven't mentioned which area of the process you are having trouble with, so I'll start from the point where most people begin having issues. Please follow these steps to ensure a proper upload:

    Be sure the dimensions (height x width) are within the proper posting size:

    1. Open ArtRage and the image you wish to post online.
    2. Select Edit and choose the Resize the Paining option from the menu.
    3. Change the dimensions to the desired size.
      • For posting at the ArtRage forums, as long as you're under 1000 pixels for width and height, you should be good).

    4. Click "OK" to accept the changes.

    Be sure to save the image properly for use on the web:

    1. Open ArtRage and the image you wish to post online.
    2. Select File and choose the Export Image File option from the menu.
    3. Give your image a name and then select JPEG as the file type you wish to save it as.
    4. Click Open (or OK, depending on your OS) to accept the changes.

    Post the properly set up image to the ArtRage Gallery Area:

    1. Be sure to log into the ArtRage Forums.
    2. Locate and click on the Gallery link at the top of the forums page.
    3. Now locate the Upload link at the top right of the forum page and click on it.
    4. Under the Image Options section of this page, locate and click on the Browse button to find the image you wish to upload to your gallery.
    5. With your image selected, type in a title for your image where it asks, "Please enter a title for your file".
    6. Fill in a brief Description for your work where is says, "Description of your file".
      • I'm not sure if a Description is required or not, as I always tend to fill it in with something.

    7. Be sure to select ArtRage User Galleries as your category where it reads, "Please choose a category".
    8. Type in words you would use to define your image where it reads, "Keywords for your file".
      • So if your image is an image of a the Empire State Building, you would want to type in something like this: Empire State Building Skyscraper tallest city New York

    9. If you wish to be informed when someone posts a comment on the image within your gallery, check mark the Receive Email Updates where it reads, "Additional Options".
    10. Click on the Submit button, located on the bottom of the page, to upload the information to the gallery.
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    Thank you (again) Mr Sane, (thank you for also pointing out the consequences of slang, I hadn't thought of that, but I will be more considerate in future).

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    No problem
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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