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Thread: Looking for a pure white

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    Looking for a pure white

    Where can I find a pure white? I am finding it impossible to use the color picker to find a pure white because it always has just the slightest tint to it, which shows when I print.

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    Hi there,

    I am not sure if you set the canvas colour to white as well. My favorite defalt essential canvas has a light gray tint to it. You should therefore also turn the roughness off.
    Be careful with colour blending and colour drying- You might have picked a pure white but these stop you doing so. Maybe try eraser to get the pure white instead? Paint thickness will give your white shadows as well so try press F5 to turn impasto off.
    Also I think, although not 100% sure, that a pure black is the darkest and most saturated colour. So maybe try white as the lightest and most desaturated colour?
    If all these failed working, try use ctrl+J and give it a bit more contrast.

    p.s. Don't know your style but in painting there's a word called 'kill white'. A blank canvas might cause many problems so give it a base colour should be fine.
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    If you're looking to paint with a pure white, the precise color picker will let you select it (RGB - 255, for example). The tint on the canvas due to the lighting is definitely something to be aware of. Turning off lights in the canvas panel prevents the application casting a light over the surface and flattens the look of the paint.
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