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Thread: I will miss you all...

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    Unhappy I will miss you all...

    ...but sadly my computer is dying. It has 47 viruses and I can't afford to buy some antivirus protection for my comp at this time. The same EXACT thing happened with my mum's comp... you think we would've learned by now. Hopefully if it dies my mum will finally get me a laptop. And, who knows, maybe I can get AR3 too? She still needs to get it because I asked her to get it for my 14th b-day last year and she got majorly pissed off by the website, nearly went psycho and trashed my comp but it's fine... I still need AR3, AR2 doesn't work well with my wacom tablet... And my mum STILL owes me it, along with about 40-60 pounds (british currency, coz were british) and a membership to one of my favourite websites.

    I will miss you all and your wonderful artwork dearly... I just wanna ask: How do you become a senior member on here? Do you have to become a beta tester? I think I'm still a junior member but I think I've known about ArtRage since 2008!

    BYE GUYS!!!

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    Can't you, your mother or other family member just reformat the computer or are there more reasons to toss it aside from the viruses? Also, how did you find out you had these viruses if you don't have an anti-virus program running? It wasn't one of those pop-up web things was it (although it's likely if clicked on it, you'll probably have at least one now)?

    In any event, I'm sorry to hear you have to leave because of it. Hopefully we'll see you back if/when you get things sorted out.
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    Sorry to here the news.

    Have you tried the FREE COMODO anti-Virus program?

    That should get your com back in order pretty quick......give it a try.


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    Talking Thanxies

    Thanks guys. Oh, and Bobbyray, thanks for the antivirus! I didn't know there was such a thing as FREE computer protection! I'll test it out later.

    Oh, and someoneinsane, I know about the viruses because my computer told me yesterday morning. I have windows 7 so I guess it must detect viruses but not get rid of them or something...

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    some more links

    Hi Ponella,

    you should activate the firewall of your Windows too.

    But of course the best thing is to use a router with a firewall.

    This site offers another free antivir software next to their commercial products:

    This software is against spyware:

    And if you use Firefox on your computer and Flash you should install this
    Firefox addon:

    The NoScript addon is to block Javascript and NoFlash blocks Flash files.

    When you find a site through Google and click on the link, you never know what weird
    website you come to. It can infect your computer through Flash and Javascript. So it
    is a good idea to block all scripting, when entering a website and only give Javascript
    and Flash free with the NoScript, NoFlash-Plugins on website you consider trustworthy.
    The bad thing is, that many trustworthy websites have advertising on their
    websites with Flash ads, that are linked into this site from another server of a
    promotion company. And it happened several times that those servers were hacked by
    hackers and then the ads delivered exploits too and got the surfers computer under
    their control.

    Buying a new computer will not solve your problem, because when you use it the same
    way as your current computer, it will be infected again soon.
    And you can not just copy software from your old computer to a new one, because
    you do not know which software is already manipulated by viri and contains them
    too when installing or starting them. You have the reinstall all from the software
    CDs or download them from the web later.

    You have to be more carefull in the future.

    Get a friend or relative who has a little bit more computer knowledge and let him
    save your data to CD and then reinstall your computer - and disconnect the internet
    in that time. And don't forget to note your internet/network connection settings
    and all serial numbers and keys of your software!!!!

    After installing Windows new, ACTIVATE the Windows firewall, type in the network
    settings and then DO ALL WINDOWS SECURITY UPDATES! Surf to NO other website before
    doing that!

    The best thing is when your friend can download the antivir software and a current
    browser from his unifected computer and install it on your computer before you
    enter the Internet at all.

    The best thing is to buy an external harddisk and the Acronis Drive Image software.
    Connect it to your computer from time to time and make a backup of your harddisk.
    Then you can always restore your backup when your computer got infected again.

    And the rules to surfing is - DON'T click on funny links and DON'T install everything
    to your computer. Surf as much as possible with blocked Javascript and blocked Flash
    and download software ONLY from the website of the producer or when not possible from
    links of the producers website. And do not click on LOGIN LINKS in e-mails or run
    funny attachments. And activate in your Windows File Explorer, that it shows the
    types of the files (.txt .mp3 .doc, etc.) because when there are endings like .pdf.exe
    then it will be a virus for sure.

    And when your mothers computer is infected too, then you should not turn her computer
    on when you did your reinstalling procedure and make the Windows security updates,
    because her infected computer will try to reinfect your computer again, when both are
    turned on. Especially when you give the access to your harddisks free for other
    computers in your home network viri spread from one computer to the next.

    So treat all your computers before you use them at the same time in your home network.

    Reinstall! Just running cleaning tools is not enough because some viri are so smart,
    they already can manipulate the cleaning and antivir software when they are on the
    computer BEFORE these tooles are installed.

    Regards and much luck!
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    Hi Ponella,

    Microsoft also offers free antivirus for Windows 7:

    Free and commercial products are compared at:

    Of all the free suites, the best rated tends to be avast:

    Oh, and as a side note: you don't need to buy DriveImage software, Windows 7 includes volume backup tools. You will need to buy a large external (or internal) drive to back stuff up onto though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yogsodoth View Post
    Hi Ponella,

    Oh, and as a side note: you don't need to buy DriveImage software, Windows 7 includes volume backup tools.
    You will need to buy a large external (or internal) drive to back stuff up onto though.

    Well, Windows tools are quite crappy in most cases
    So I prefer Acronis

    Anyway, I wondered why Ponella complained about her computer. A computer with Windows 7 sounds quite new to me.

    And I thought all new Windows versions came with firewall and virus scanner activated by default.
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    Windows 7 offers a free antivirus software called Microsoft Security Essentials. It will detect and remove anything bad.

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    Do a Google search for "Free AVG Anti-virus".

    I've been using it for years, with no problems.
    It's free, easy to use, and takes up few system resources.

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