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Thread: Day Dreaming

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    Day Dreaming

    What would be very very nice, in my mind, would be a light tablet computer running Artrage.
    Ideally it would be a 12" tablet, with some resolution like 1280*768, running an OS as light as possible (to save resources for artrage), like a light Linux based OS.
    It could run on an arm processor to save the battery, and would have some graphic acceleration (something like CUDA or Open CL), but Artrage runs almost ok on an Atom.
    It would have lots of buttons on the side to help using artrage without keyboard.
    It would have both a wacom like digitalizer and an touch screen with multitouch to help navigating the canvas. ... this would be a perfect sketchbook.

    Something like a Cintiq with acapacitive multitouch screen and integrated computer and battery ...

    ... ok ... I was just daydreaming : a device like that will cost too much and will not target a big enough market ... too bad :'(

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    ARgh : I was dreaming of something like that but with a pressure sensitive Stylus and Artrage :

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