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Thread: Very very very new, having problems with layer textures

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    Very very very new, having problems with layer textures

    Hi all - I'm a relatively new Artrage Studio 3 user (Mac) and I've been having some trouble setting layer textures - whenever I click edit layer texture, all the icons have small padlocks on them and would seem are impossible to apply. I've tried arbitrary clicks but I'm not sure what I have to change to be able to apply the setting I want.

    I have included a screenshot for reference.

    Any help I can get on this would be hugely appreciated.
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    Hi IvorMarlow,
    I believe the lock icon is just to denote the default textures that come with the program from any you download and add. Just ignore it.

    With the Use Canvas Texture option set to off, just click on the image of the texture you wish to apply and click OK

    Hope this helps
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