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Thread: Double Fantasy

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    Mila was in the 5th Element and Resident Evil. Charlize Theron played Aeon Flux. (spelling?)

    Regardless of all that! I still like this one lots.

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    Thanks Magen. Now I see! Charlize Teron was usually blonde ...
    Actually Aeon Flux was a mix of an ancient Greek (aion) and an ancient Latin (fluxus) substantives, meaning the Age Flow, so it was quite unlikely to be a real name.

    By the way, Skylar, Alba means white in Latin (at nominative feminine declination) and such root is present in many words, such as albino, albumen etc. As an Italian name and substantive, it woul be the corresponding of English Dawn ...
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    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    WOW Wonderfull !!

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