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Thread: Hello! New member!

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    Mar 2010

    Talking Hello! New member!

    Hello, I am Moona or LittleMoona. I am French, my English is very bad, sorry ^ ^ 'I'm young enough, but it seems that I'm doing well. I use Studio Pro ArtRage, sometimes with photoshop. I hope to make me happy here. I'm a fan of manga, especially Sonic. Enjoy? (sorry if I made mistakes, I do not understand English well)!
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    Pennsylvania, USA
    Bienvenue sur le forum. Vous pouvez toujours utiliser Google Translate à l'écriture de vos commentaires. Ce sera aussi bonne pratique pour vous d'écrire votre anglais. Donc n'ayez pas peur d'ajouter vos pensées. J'espère que vous prendrez plaisir à utiliser Art Rage autant que le reste d'entre nous.

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    Welcome Littlemoona!
    "The significance is hiding in the insignificant. Appreciate everything."
    Eckhart Tolle

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    The Netherlands
    Salut Moona, welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome, LittleMoona! We're so glad that you found ArtRage and this forum. You'll find many knowledgeable and informative people here as well as many friendly faces. We have some very talented Manga artists here as well as some tutorials on this style of painting in the Tips and Tidbits forum. Enjoy and hope to see some of your artworks soon!

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