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Thread: Augie Dawgie - First Animal Portrait Try

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    Augie Dawgie - First Animal Portrait Try

    This little dog found us. He came down our drive as a little pup and stayed. Its my first try at doing animal portraits. I hope Augie likes it.
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    Nice, I don't think I would want to be his chew toy.

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    Love doggies. This is great and only your first try?

    You've nailed the nose and doggie really well.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    It seemed undaunting when I started blocking in colors and it looked so mixed up. Then I worked one area at a time. Yes, its my first try at any portrait. It was really fun.

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    How well you have captured the look in his eyes Mikala. A wonderful painting.
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    Thank you for the nice comments. I may try my other dog soon but have to have him hold still enough to get a pic.

    I'm new to ArtRage and really happy to have found you all. You are all so talented and knowledgeable.

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    Augie, my son my son. . . that's some fine portrait you got painted of ya.

    - Doggie Daddy

    Always something special when the animal picks us. There's a special bond.
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    A cutie but looks a bit sad, and congrats on a well done fist doggie portrait

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    Thanks ... I named him after Augie Doggie. I always loved that cartoon and always wanted to name a dog Augie. So when he came along, I got my chance. And yes, when they choose you - there is a special bond.

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