Hi Ragers,

As you know by now we have published our second ArtRageUs e-magazine (March issue) and are now putting together the April and May Issues. We are doing this simply to get ahead by one month for publishing. A week is really pushing the envelope. We have a life too!

Do you enjoy the emag? Let us know. We have worked very hard to get it to you and keep it coming each month for you. We are all volunteers putting this emag together.......for all the Ragers.
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We need your input....your stories, paintings and any tutorials for the two months mags. We also need 10 volunteers to help out with small assignments.

This is your e-mag and belongs to the forum users. Your participation is what will make it a success. Without your input and participation....we may not have an ArtRageUs emag at all. It is entirely up to you. The volunteers put the mag together.... we do not write the stories and all.
It is the ragers submissions that are the heart and soul of the emag.

Do you have a new tutorial /link?
A story to share about artrage?
An article about digital art?
A new video tutorial link?
A new tip/trick?
A new Art supply item?
Anything interesting?
A personal classified ad?
A painting for the new "Artist Portal"?
Any ideas? Send to me.

As you know the deadline is the 7th of each month....anytime before that is better for us.
Send to bobbyray02@msn.com with your AR Screenname. um now who is that from? hehe

The possibilities are endless. ArtRageUS Isn't it?
We the volunteers look forward to your submissions and participation.

Thanks to all of the Ragers for your support.
We are proud to be ArtRageUS Volunteers "Ragers helping Ragers"

Written by Bobby Ray Howle Founder and coordinator of ArtRageUs e-Magazine.