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Thread: Long Overdue...........

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    Long Overdue...........

    My periodic Thank You to all who've posted comments on my paintings.

    I greatly appreciate your kind words and humorous replies and I sincerely wish I had more time to reply to each individual post......although because I paint a lot I would end up hogging the first page all the time...something I don't wish to do........we have to allow everyone their moment.

    I've been here a long time and I'd like all the new members to be here as long as I please

    accept my thanks and my excuses.
    Da go Te'
    Best to you

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    You're a good man Peter, no apologies. Keep painting to your hearts desire!

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    Heck, after I saw your thread title, I expected to see a painting of Amelia Earhart landing at an airport, or Jimmy Hoffa stepping off of a bus....

    Keep up the good work Peter. Your work is an inspiration and a lesson plan for me.

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    Peter, I know that I have been terribly hurt many times by your lack of reply at my comments. I have to continually look the other way with a wounded heart. HEE HEE, just kidding you Dear Man! I appreciate what you have taught and have so much joy from it, joy also in viewing your stunning paintings.

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