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Thread: Another new suggestion, Sorry!

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    Lightbulb Another new suggestion, Sorry!

    Sorry about adding another new suggestion, but I was thinking that Art Range would have a more realistic feel, especially when working with paints if it had an actual paint pallet.

    I'm not talking about the colour selector here, I mean a real pallet like one you would use if you was painting with an easel outside.

    I think I have seen something like that in Corel Painter, something at the side of the canvas where you can dab different colour paints and even mix them as you would do in real life, and the pallet can be saved to use in any future paintings with all the colour mixes present when you next open the program.

    I've managed to find an image of what I mean, sorry about the poor quality, but it's the best I could find.
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    It's "palette", not "pallet".

    ArtRage has custom color pickers, so you conceivably could mix some colors on the canvas, then capture the result as a custom picker.

    The idea of an actual mixing palette with source paints has some merit, though.

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