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Thread: ArtRage crash that REVERTS saves to older ones?

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    ArtRage crash that REVERTS saves to older ones?

    I got the demo for this a week ago and had the most outrageous technical error happen to me. I had an existing painting up, one I had spent many hours on, and saved many, many times. I started a new ArtRage painting without closing the old one and I get a message saying ArtRage wants to recover from a crash. I'm confused at this point because I haven't experienced a recent crash, the last one being a day or so ago.

    I hit cancel because I don't want an old recovery overwriting my newest save, but when I open that save, I get the save file I made something like 7 saves ago! Basically, a bunch of the new work that I KNOW I saved is gone replaced with a really old save.

    I'm panicking now because I'm hoping that by hitting cancel ArtRage hasn't dumped that recovery file, but when I open up ARRestart_Old.ptg everything is in there. So whew, crisis averted!

    But this is still the STUPIDEST technical error I've ever encountered. Crashes can overwrite your old saves? WHY????? Nothing should touch your save files -- EVER. I can't see myself paying for this if this is what happens with any kind of regularity...or at all. I have ArtRage 1 on a very old Acer tablet PC, and I like the new version a lot, but this is too much. Please tell me this is some crazy fluke.

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    Hi there,

    Crashes can't overwrite your save files unless you have specifically saved your file as 'ARRestart.ptg' in the user data folder. The only time your file is saved to disk in the location you specify is when you specifically tell the application to do so, as with most other apps.

    Loading an old recovery file on startup won't overwrite your save, loading a file never overwrites a file on disk. So if you are unsure when you see on startup that a recovery file is available, just okay loading the recovery file and save it under a different name so that you can check it against your latest working files. If you're starting the app by double clicking a working file, and you see that a recovery file is available to be loaded, that won't damage your working file.

    I hope that helps clarify the situation!
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