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Thread: pen troubles

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    pen troubles

    Has anyone come across this problem?
    I've just tried to open a new painting which was fine untill I tried to work on the paper, when the pen moves, so does the paper and it doesn't matter which tool I use the same thing happens, the buttons on the pen do not appear to be sticking. Any advice please

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    You could try making sure that none of your keyboard keys are stuck in the down position - sounds like the space bar to me...

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    This issue has been mentioned before in a few other threads. If it's not the space bar being stuck, use the forum search feature using keywords like canvas and move. You should find a number of threads discussing the issue and various reasons for the problem. Here's a couple of them:
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    I used to have this problem on mine, it appeared only on certain days or certain times. Normally when a program was connected to the internet and updating (windows update for example) but the problem got worse over time and I could only fix it with a restart.

    It wasn't restricted to Art Range either, it also happened with the other art programs I had as well (Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint), and it was the same for both my old Bamboo One and Intuos 3 tablets.

    What operating system are you using? When this kept happening I was using windows XP, but the problem was solved as soon as I installed windows 7, so maybe it's a glitch with XP.

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    Had the same issue in other apps that would get stuck on the move selection.
    The way it went away was to hit the spacebar a few times or spacebar with arrow up/down button at the same time.


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