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Thread: Identifying surface textures

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    Question Identifying surface textures

    I like to use different textures on different layers, but I'm having trouble working out which ones I have used in the past. When I go to the Canvas menu none of the the swatches on the right are highlighted, the little sample on the left is too small to identify, and when I click on that I get a box that always tells me that I am using 'Course 2'.

    Please can someone tell me if there is another way to find out 'what the heck I've just done'?

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    Currently, the feedback about the texture being used for the current layer is limited to the preview at the top left. When you click that preview, it should bring up a window which allows you to change the canvas texture. We're going to look at better ways of communicating this information in the future, thanks for bringing it up!
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    Thanx for the response DR. In the meantime I'm going to take more care to include texture details in the layer title. xx

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    As a work around, you could select the layer which has the texture you want to use for another layer, then click the New button to create a new layer. ArtRage will assume you want to use the texture settings of the currently selected layer and apply those setting to the newly created layer. You'll just have to drag the new layer up the layer stack to where you'd like it.
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    Thanks for the tip Sum-1-sane. I'm gradually developing a working M.O. but I become a bit unstuck when I try to reproduce effects that I achieved by accident when I was experimenting Artrageously without making note of the process.

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