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Thread: Jumping Balls

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    EMOC Guest

    Jumping Balls

    mix artrage 2.5/apophysis/gimp
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    EMOC nice abstraction with nice colors

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    Huntsville, On., Canada

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    Very nice Emoc, do you use Gimp to create flames too or for other pourpouse?
    I lilke your original creation, is only sorry that for the copyright matter
    you have to put this label on it, the image is less visible but is OK with me,
    I can understand that you want to preserve your work,
    I am worst than you, The work that I want to preserve I just don't show it !
    "All are about quiet and light." Dany
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    EMOC Guest
    hi orianelima, hi justjean, hi dany51

    thank you for comment and that you like it...

    @ dany51

    i need gimp only for the image definition not for flames
    i work with artrage 2.5 so i need gimp for this.

    and to copyright i find not that it disturbs because you can everything yet see and i try only to save my abstract painting they need save... to beginning i have nothing save with copyright but now i know why i try to save it...
    sorry for my bad english its not my language

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    Ich liebe immer Ihre Designs. Graphisch interessant, wie Tinte geträufelt in Wasser, eine Vorladung zur Einbildungskraft.

    I love always your designs. Graphically interesting, like ink dropped into water, a summons to the imagination.

    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Wonderful colours and give me such a party feel as I look at it. Great
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    EMOC Guest
    hi coops, hi D Akey,

    thank you for your comment and that you like it

    @ D Akey thanks for the german words

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