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Thread: ArtRageUs e-Magazine Volunteers Needed

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    Arrow ArtRageUs e-Magazine Volunteers Needed

    Hi all you Ragers!

    Welcome to your New ArtRageUS e-Magazine

    We just published the March Issue and are now moving on to the April/May Issues. We are trying to get ahead 1 month so it is not so hard on us. 1 week is not a proper amount of time to get it all done without stressing. We have to be realisitic and move toward the future.

    We will be running two teams this month only, April and May Teams. We need your help to do this. If you can volunteer any time at all, we will work with you according to your schedule so it will not conflict. We have small projects and big projects available.

    This is your e-MAGAZINE. It belongs to all of the Artrage Forum members. We are all volunteers working on the e-Magazine together for the common cause. Without volunteers....... Everyone can do something to assist if you have any free time. We promise not to keep you from your painting time.... we are artists.....thats #1.

    Help out with;

    Editing, Proofing, Layout, Interviews and collecting new data for links.
    or other assignments as needed.

    We Thank You and sincerely appreciate your help and involvement!

    To volunteer......send an email to
    Please include your Artrage screenname......thats very

    ArtRageUS Volunteers:

    The ArtRageUS E-Magazine is an all VOLUNTEER e-mag by fellow Ragers. So, it is a vital importance to having volunteers contribute
    some of their time, as they can afford, to help us continue with publishing ArtRageUS for each issue.

    Who can Volunteer?
    Any Rager at anytime! We are always seeking ways to improve the e-magazine so if you have some free time and wish to contribute
    in this way, please contact the Coordinator via direct email:

    How is ArtRageUS Setup?
    The ArtRageUS E-Magazine belongs solely to
    all of the forum members. The basic format is set and working so all members can participate.

    How are volunteers needed?
    There are many roles a volunteer can do. The following are just to name a few of the possibilities:
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    Team Coordinator: 2 positions open! April/May
    This role coordinates the comings and goings of the e-magazine before, after and during each publication. They are the main contact point with the Ambient Team (mainly MattRage and DaveRage) as well as with all Ragers' submissions and Ragers wanting to volunteer. The Team Coordinator works closely with the Editing and Layout Dept and ensures that the e-magazine stays on track and focus as well as helping out where needed. This role is passed on to a new Rager each month starting on March 15th

    Proofing: Open position as needed April/May
    This role is needed to proofread and correct articles for the e-magazine for spelling, grammar and re-sentencing, if needed.

    Editing: Open May Issue only
    This role is needed to assign volunteers to work on articles for the e-magazine as well as editing the content of each article and ensure that each article is in an OO Writer text file and properly formatted for the Layout Dept.

    Layout: Open Position May Only
    This role is needed to take each page of the e-magazine and lay it out with precision, creativity and professionalism in the ArtRageUS format and fashion.

    Part time Volunteer
    Assignments: need 10 volunteers
    This role is needed to work on assignments given by the Editing Department to generate articles/links and other necessary items to be published for the e-magazine. These articles/assignments can even be ideas from the volunteers on subjects they might find useful or informative for the Rager community.

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