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Thread: question, where does it go?

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    question, where does it go?

    There is some amazing and beautiful artwork here! For instance, one of roses and satin! I guess even art is relative and doodles can compare to genious. But, in this media it a appears after the work is done and the computer is turned off, there is nothing tangible (pardon my spelling) left to hold or look at or share. It's gone off into cyber space somewhere. If i crochetted, i would have a nice warm afghan for the winter, but what would say,VanGough, do today to have a hard copy of his work, if this was his only tool? thank you.

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    What would Van Gogh do? He'd paint with a stylus and get some drugs for whatever disorder made him cut his ear off. Some say schizophrenia, others say epilepsy, whatever it was, he'd get treatment, and he'd use a stylus. Just not all the time. Sometimes he would paint on canvas, sometimes art board, sometimes he'd crack out the spray paint and get those cans to rattling. He'd just take advantage of the resources available :D.

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